Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Break

Yes, I know that spring break was two months ago and I am just a bit behind in blogging, but ever since I took a long-term sub job teaching 9th graders English for 10 weeks, my life has not been my own!

Prior to loosing my life and freedom, Garth and I went backpacking with our friend, Terry, and his grandkids. Those of you who read my blog, if there are any, will recognize Terry and his grandkids. They are my regular hiking buddies.

We did a hike that I had been wanting to do for years and we were able to luck out and get some of the very limited permits into the Aravipa Wilderness Preserve.
The hike is up a stream that was unusually high this year because of all the rain and snow that we received. So the going was difficult, strenuous and slow. Garth was not happy when he realized that the whole 5 miles would be in the stream going against the current. He took off and left the rest of us behind.
When we did catch up to him, this is what we found! He looks happy doesn't he?
Here are Terry and the grandkids cleaning out their shoes and resting once we found our camping spot. Rocks and gravel were a constant presence in our shoes.
We found a great little camp spot, got set up and a fire going. By the time the sun went down at 7:00 we were all ready for bed. Nothing fills you up and makes you want to sleep more than dehydrated meals!
I love sleeping outdoors and I've never worried about critters until this hike. While we didn't see any wildlife, their footprints were everywhere and all night I was sure something was creeping around me.
The next morning, before heading back, we crossed the stream and hiked up a side canyon. We were rewarded for our effort and saw beautiful pools, waterfalls, rock cavities and formations that were amazing.
Here we are at the top of the first waterfall.
There were deep pools all over in these rock cavities. If it had been warmer and we'd had more time, they would have been great to swim in.

This was such an amazing little canyon and this was just one of the many off shots from Aravipa Canyon. You could spend weeks exploring them all. Terry's grandkids were great and I never heard a complaint from any of them. Carson was my little hiking buddy quite a bit of the time and he is a great kid.
The going back was much easier because we were going with the current, so it didn't take us near as long, but Garth said he was never going hiking again. Too bad, that makes me so sad because there are still so many places I want to go. I guess it will just be Terry and I and the grandkids.