Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ohio Trip part 2 - Hocking Hills

On Columbus Day, we waited for Scott to get out of class and we drove to Hocking Hills State Park. It was about 1 1/2 hours from Lonica and Scott's and Preston, Lonica, Amelia and her car seat and I all squished into the back seat for the ride. Good thing we all love each other.

At Hocking Hills there are lots of different hikes that lead to water falls, caves, canyons, or lookout vistas. We chose a couple of hikes we wanted to take and then had to get ready. Any time you take a baby anywhere you know how long it takes before you actually leave.
You can see the excitement on Preston's face, he just can't wait to go!
Amelia is excited to go on her first hike.
The fall colors were just about at their peak and we had some beautiful views. Our first hike we took was to Old Man's cave and we were thinking of Arizona hiking. We weren't prepared for Ohio hiking; the 'hike' took us about 10 minutes to get there and was paved the whole way.
Here is Scott, Lonica and Amelia in the 'cave' which was actually just an overhang. We could have done the whole 6 mile loop but decided not too. Preston and I had to go check out the old stone bridge though. We are the little specks on the bridge.
From there we decided to do the 'hardest' hike in the park but that offered the best views of the fall leaves. We found that is definitely wasn't hard but it did offer great views.
The weather was perfect and we had a great time wandering around in the forest. At least this time the trail wan't paved.

Scott had Preston walk along this log to get some cool looking pictures.
And here he is 'flying' off.
On the way home we stopped by this little dive deli that Scott had seen on TV. They had a Dagwood (from the comic strip) challenge. You had 30 minutes to eat a pound of fries and a sandwich with turkey, ham and roast beef, lettus, cheese, onions and a large bun. It looked as though there was a pound of each of the meats. For doing all this, you got your picture on the wall and a tee-shirt. The record was eating it all in 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Preston and Scott were up for the challenge.
Look at these optimistic faces.
Scott was winding down after about 20 minutes. He did a good job on the fries and made it about 1/2 through the second half of the sandwich.
This face says it all - they were defeated by the Dagwood.
Needless to say, we didn't have dessert or win a tee-shirt and no one's face is on the wall of the Ohio Deli and Restaurant from our family.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ohio Trip part 1 - Amelia's blessing

We had a very auspicious start to our Ohio trip when Southwest Airlines was looking for someone to give up their seat to Chicago and would pay them $200. Unfortunately, I had booked our tickets late and we couldn't use our free tickets on the nonstop flight to Columbus so we were leaving 20 mintues later than the nonstop but arriving 2 1/2 hours later after changing planes in Chicago. When I heard the announcement my mind starting working and after they asked several more times I went up and offered one of our tickets if they could move the person to the nonstop flight that was leaving in just a few minutes. Scott's parents were on that flight and I thought we could send Preston with them and Garth and I would fly on our original one. When the gate agent found out we had three flying together she said she would try and move us all but could only give $200 for one seat. At this point I didn't care about getting any money if we could all get on the nonstop flight. As luck would have it we all made it on the nonstop one but our luggage did not, it had to go to Chicago, but it didn't complain much.

We picked up our rental car (the guys all loved it - a fire red Dodge Charger) and followed Scott to their house. Here are some pictures of everyone meeting Amelia - the reason for all the traveling.
Garth thinks she is 'pretty special' and told her that over and over while we were there.
Uncle Preston wasn't too sure what do with a baby and thought she was pretty worthless - 17 year old. He did warm up to her and feel more comfortable holding her after a few days.
Here she is with her Rowley grandparents, Robin and Paul.
And here she is with her grandmas. Since the Rowleys were only going to be there until Monday morning, we let them do most of the holding, we would have plenty of days to spoil her.

Sunday moring we had to leave bright and early, church was a 20 minute drive and it started at 9:00 am. All of you know how hard that is to do when you have a new baby, but we made it. Once we got to church we changed Amelia into her dress (it wasn't too conducive to riding in a car seat) and I was so happy to see that it fit (I guess we should have done that the night before). She wasn't too excited and promptly fell asleep. She slept the whole meeting expect for during her blessing. She woke up just before, was wide eyed all during it and then went back to sleep as soon as it was over. Scott did a great job and we hope she will live up to the blessing she received.
Here are a few pictures of Amelia in her dress. I had carried the dress on the plane with me and I had so many women come up and ask to see it. I was glad that it turned out well and was finished. I barely got it done Friday night before we left Saturday morning.

Grandma Honey (Robin) had crocheted Amelia's booties and they fit perfectly.
After church we did a 'family photo shoot' in front of the temple. The Colombus temple is just across the parking lot from Lonica and Scott's building, so we didn't have to go far. The day was sunny but it was a bit cool, especially if you had just come from Arizona where it was in the 90's.
The new little family
Our whole group
That afternoon Lonica and Scott had a bunch of friends over to celebrate and it was fun to meet them and of course to eat all the wonderful food Scott and Lonica had made. They are quite the chiefs. I get parinoid now when I have to cook for them.
Even in Lonica and Scott's little house they were able to fit quite a few people and their kids. It had been a great day and I was glad we were going to be staying most of the week.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crazy Porters

Last weekend Christine's (my sister) kids come down for a quick visit. You could tell they weren't Arizonans because they wanted to swim in our pool. Everyone in Arizona knows that even though the sun may shine, unless you have a heated pool you don't get in it after Labor Day. Most valley residents won't put a toe in a pool if the water temperature is under 80 degrees, me included. We are cold blooded creatures!

At any rate I tried to deter my nephews from entering the pool, and they told me they would wait until the day heated up. As I was folding clothes at 9:30 am (in preparation for our trip to Ohio) I heard splashes in the pool and went to investigate. I found Ross trying to not get wet on the pool mat (he did manage to keep his head from getting wet).
And I found Shawn shivering on the side, he had gone under twice and has 0% body fat
to help keep him warm. They continued to 'play' in the pool for a few minutes, but I guess even New Mexicans like their pool water a bit warmer!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Last weekend was Homecoming and Preston went with Christina. She had asked him to Sadies last spring and they hung out most of the summer and here she is again. She is a cute, smart and fun girl.
Here is his whole group that went to the mud caves the week before for their day activity and then to Rustler's Roost for dinner. Check out the girl in her tennis shoes. She had on black ones and her date had on white ones.
Preston had a great time but wished he hadn't been so quick to say he would bring Christina home a midnight when he was asked what time she would be home. Next time he decided he will ask the girl's parents what time they want her home. Since he had told her parents midnight, they had to forgo all the after dance activities. Both of them where bummed but they had a good time the rest of the night.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's almost done

Well, after some frustrating work today I almost have Amelia's dress done. I had to resew the skirt to the bodice about a hundred times, but I finally got it on right.
Now all I have left is some hand sewing on the lining and I have to figure out how I want to close it - with buttons, snaps or Velcro. I'm leaning towards buttons if I can find some I like.
My sister thinks I need to embroider Amelia's initials on the end of one of the sashes. What do you think? After all, now all I have left to do before we leave on Saturday is finish the Anne Bradstreet essay that I keep putting off and read Emerson's Nature and Self Reliance and do the homework question. The joys of being a student!