Thursday, July 16, 2009

The dog days of summer

Ever since Jason has come home, the temperature has gotten hotter and hotter. And as the temperature soars, my energy level drops. I think that the heat is like the dementors in the "Harry Potter" series and it just sucks all the life and happiness right out of you. With temperatures consistently above 110, I have a real hard time getting motivated to do much of anything let alone go to the grocery store - getting in and out of a hot car just makes me sweat to even think of it. Besides who needs food when you just lay around all day? Answer: my two boys who have bottomless pits for stomachs! If I don't wake up before 6:00am to get started I won't ever get anything started. The nice thing is is that everyone who lives here understands that 'the heat' is a very good excuse for anything.

Yesterday we had a close call at our house. I manged to rise Preston from the dead early enough to have him help me clean a small part of our garage (we're working on small parts because we would die if we did the whole thing in a day). Dieter our marvelous, adorable, fun loving little miniature dachshund never misses a chance to ride in the car and if you open the car door in he goes for a ride. Preston went to back my car out of the garage so we could clean and Dieter must have jumped in. A few minutes later I opened the car and put up the shade screen and then we left it in the sun for the next hour or so as we cleaned the garage. Once I wondered where Dieter was because he usually loves to be around us when we are working outside, but I figured that he probably thought it was too hot to be outside and was lying under the ceiling fan on his bed. As we finished picking up our cleaning supplies I told Preston to move my car back in the garage - I was sweating enough and didn't want to get in that oven to move it 5 feet, besides that's what teenagers are for right? When Preston opened the door guess who came jumping out! Neither Preston or I could believe that Dieter could have survived that long in a closed up car that was sitting in the sun in 100 plus weather. Dieter ran and got a drink and then Preston stuck him in the pool to help cool him down. After just a couple of minutes Dieter was just fine and we were in awe of our little miracle dog.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Busy Weekend

The weekend that Jason got home, we decided to try and crowd in as many events as possible while Scott and Lonica were here.

Even though it was late by the time we got home from the airport on Thursday, Jason's friends came over to play and talk. You can see that he still has on his missionary name tag but that didn't last too long. Our Stake President came over and released him and Jason came away with tears in his eyes saying, "I'm not a missionary any more."
He got out all the sovereigns he had brought home for everyone and food for us to try. One of the things missing from this picture are the caramelized ants he brought - they haven't been too popular.
Everyone got T-shirts, though Lonica's won't fit her for a couple of months.
Of course he had to bring home a Colombian flag and there are a few things on the mantle, a hat, a gold statue, a spoon, plate and one lady gave him an emerald.
Garth and I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning talking to him and hearing about the last two years. It was absolutely wonderful!!! Poor Jason had been up since 5:00 am and it was 5:30 am his time before he went to bed. It was just so great to have him home.
What do you do the day after to get home from your mission? Go golfing of course! Garth and all the guys took off to go golfing while Lonica and I ran some errands and got some food ready for the next day when we would have a baby shower for Lonica. Raquel was at home working on the cake she was making for Jason. Jason also worked on organizing his photos from the last two years for the show later that night.
For dinner we couldn't think of anything better or easier than Barrow's pizza.
Although Lonica, Garth and Scott don't look to excited right here while they were looking at Jason's photos, it really was a lot of fun and very interesting to see what it was like in Colombia. We were glad when Grandpa Crockett showed up to watch the pictures with us.
We took an intermission and had the special cake that Raquel had made for Jason. It was really yummy with a crushed Oreo (his favorite cookies) filling. Even though everyone was pretty tired we had another late night viewing all the pictures.
On Saturday we got the table of food all set up for Lonica's baby shower. Once again we had great food thanks to Robin, Lonica's mother-in-law, Alyson, Lonica's friend, Raquel, and Fredda, my friend. Many hands make light work and this was certainly the case. Thanks to Fredda and her decorating skills, the table looked as good as the food tasted.
We had bunches of friends and family that came and they brought lots of nice things for Lonica's baby. Here is Lonica and Raquel with the quilt Raquel made.
The hit of the shower was the gift that Grandma Joan had sent. It was lots of little gifts to go along with a finger play that has been in our family for generations. "Here's the big umbrella to keep the baby dry."
Just look at the pile of clothes for this yet to be born baby. I know she will be well dressed.
That evening we had a barbecue for family and Jason's friends. I was so glad to have Scott back to cook all the hamburgers, I miss his grilling skills.
Once again we had lots of help getting all the food ready, my kitchen was full of people helping; we so thankful for family.
Paul whipped up his famous salsa in just a matter of minutes. The Rowleys brought wonderful vegetables out of their garden and we had some of the great corn that is grown just down the road from our house.
We so appreciated having all the Patterson's come and
my dad and Dee and of course Paul and Judy - she's not in the picture.
Once again Jason's friends showed up; it is a given they will be there if there is food!
Sunday, Jason spoke in church and did a wonderful job. The spirit was strong and you could tell he had worked hard, loved the Colombian people, studied the gospel and strengthened his testimony. He had left as a boy and returned as a man. It was all I could ever hope to ask for.
Right after church Lonica and Scott had to catch a plane back to Ohio. It had been a whirlwind kind of weekend - lots of food, friends, family and fun - we couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks again to all of you who came or sent your wishes. We love you all!