Sunday, December 21, 2008


After months of planning and preparing and weeks of shopping and cleaning, I'd been anticipating 8:50pm on December 20 for so long. That was when Rob and Anita and their kids would be here. Lonica had helped me all day on Saturday to get ready. We were a bit nervous because of the storm that had hit the East coast but were optimistic they would all make it. Then at about 2:00pm we got a call from Anita telling us that they were sitting on the tarmac at JFK and there was no gate open for them to disembark at and she didn't think they would be able to get through customs and make their connecting flight.

A couple of hours later she called to say they would be spending the night in NY and were on the stand by list on a flight on Sunday but might not make it until Monday! We were all so disappointed. But heaven was smiling upon us and the six of them got on stand by today and we will be picking them up in just a couple of hours.

It will be so fun to combine Dutch and American traditions for Christmas. I'm sure this will be a Christmas that our families will always remember.